Our Story

natuur | [naːˈtyr] | noun

Natuur is Dutch for nature, or as we like to call it: the power that created the amazing cannabis plant we’ve enjoyed for centuries. At Natuur’s core we are focused on one key principle: showcasing and elevating nature’s finest.

We’ve enjoyed edibles for years but were frustrated with the lack of options. After searching high and low for the elusive fast-acting and healthy edible and coming up empty-handed, we decided to build it ourselves. The perfect edible for mid-summer siestas, long nights under the stars, taking in the mountaintop’s view, a cozy movie night in, and just about everything in between.

Whether you’re craving a light buzz to elevate the ordinary, inspire an artistic creation, or take the edge off after a long day, our bites deliver. Expect a mild, euphoric high for just the right amount of time to take a break from all the hustle and bustle. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or newbie to edibles; we’re here to help everyone enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

Choice Ingredients

natuur chocolate rock salt

Natuur's Finest

We know our edibles are only as good as the ingredients we put in which is why we will never skimp on quality. Since our foundation we have sourced the cleanest, most delicious, nutrition-dense ingredients and cannabis to create an unforgettable and uncompromising product.

Natuur is plant-powered, delivering protein, fiber, and essential nutrients through carefully crafted recipes to help you feel good in every sense of the word.


Alexander Choi

Co-Founder  |  CEO

Before co-founding Natuur Brands, Alexander was a competitive swimmer, runner, and triathlete. A Chicago-native, Alexander attended the University of Chicago where he quickly befriended Natuur co-founder Steven. A self-proclaimed health food junkie and edible enthusiast, he couldn’t be happier to be on the Natuur team!


Steven Bruening

Co-Founder  |  COO

Steven was born and raised in Colorado amid the booming cannabis industry. Hoping to bring the refinement, microdosing, and fast acting technologies to new markets outside his home state, Steven co-founded Natuur with Alexander to introduce health-friendly, approachable edibles to the growing recreational market.