The future of your edibles and beverages...

is powder.

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Grow or improve your portfolio of cannabis edibles and beverages with Natuur Nano, our patent-pending nanoemulsified cannabinoid powder.

veganfast actinggluten freeorganichomogeneous dispersionshelf stableno taste or smell

Your all-in-one infusion solution

Natuur Nano is the world's first truly flavorless, fast-acting nanoemulsified cannabis powder. No taste, no chemicals, no bitter blockers, just good old fashioned science and all natural ingredients!

It doesn't matter if you're adding 1 or 100 milligrams per serving, you have our guarantee that you won't taste the difference.

Simply send us your preferred cannabinoid oil extract, or ask us to source it for you, and we'll convert it to Natuur Nano powder that's ready out-of-the-box to infuse into your solid or liquid edibles.



We built Natuur for people like us: enthusiasts who are tired of compromising on edibles and beverages. That's why we created Natuur Nano to enable the next generation of edibles and beverages to be better tasting, faster acting, and more consistent than ever before.

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